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Employee Assistance Program

Why should your company have an EAP?

Approximately 7 out of 10 workers feel that stress has made them less productive.
Between 10 and 23% of U.S. workers use drugs on the job.
Studies have estimated that up to 60% of visits to doctors are for the "worried well"
There is a 43% greater absenteeism for employees who use drugs and alcohol.
In a recent study at the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, there was a 60% reduction in turnover for employees who sought mental health services through EAP, as well as a substantial reduction in medical claims costs.

There is a 5:1 return on investment for EAP costs with 85% of the savings due to decreased medical claims. Many illnesses are stress related and can be appropriately assessed, and treated with an EAP program.
A 1990 study found for every EAP dollar spent there was a $5-$16 savings.
In recent studies, there were 13.95 fewer sick days after an EAP program was implemented. Average mental health and substance abuse claims costs were also reduced by 23%.
Studies show a 37% reduction in medical costs after even brief counseling interventions.
The Americans with Disability Act, The Drug Free Workplace, Drug Testing, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity, Workman's Compensation Claims, Violence in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment, and increased health care costs all impact on your companies profitability.

Your Company Can Benefit Through an EAP With:

Increased Productivity
Lower Absenteeism
Greater Job Satisfaction
Decreased Employee Turnover
Reduced Health Insurance Claims






A Program Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs...

We work closely with your company to develop an Employees Assistance Program (EAP) that will best suit your unique needs. Our program can be created to ideally compliment your existing medical plan and reduce unnecessary and increased insurance claims.

Company Size Should Not be an Obstacle...

Because of our flexible approach to designing your EAP program, PHA is able to service both large and small companies alike. We have a group of providers across the State of Connecticut that can meet with your employees near their homes or workplace. Further, because our fee structure is based on the number of employees and services you desire in your company, PHA is affordable to you.

Our Caring Team of Professionals...

Psychological Health Associates is a multi-disciplinary behavioral healthcare practice with offices and affiliate providers located throughout Connecticut. In addition to EAP services, we offer comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, and consultative services.

Components of an EAP

Evaluation & Assessment:
  We help to identify the specific problem that is interfering with your employee's job performance and daily living.
Information & Referrals:
  We act as a link between you, your employee and available community resources. This can save time and valuable resources
Brief, Solution-Focused Counseling:
  We work with your employee to quickly identify the problem and generate alternative solutions.
Evaluation, Treatment & Referral for Addiction Problems:
  We are specifically trained to assess alcohol, drug, gambling and other addiction problems and help your employee to receive appropriate treatment.
Employee Development Training:
  We offer a wide range of educational and wellness workshops in a variety of relevant work enhancing topics
Supervisor Consultation and Training:
  We offer specialized workshops and supportive services designed to optimize performance at the management level.

Corporate Performance Consultants: Corporate and Business Consulting to Impact the Bottom Line...

CPC provides a confidential and immediate response to the unique problems and concerns of upper-level management and executives. We recognize the sensitivity of situations involving key individuals in your company. We offer confidential evaluation, treatment and referral for alcohol and other problems such as, sexual harassment, productivity concerns, stress and burnout, legal problems, financial and credit complications and family crisis.

In addition, CPC offers a full range of training and consultative programs in:

Success Coaching
Peak Performance Attainment
Assertiveness Training
Violence In The Workplace
Productivity Enhancement
Team Building
Leadership Development
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Conflict Resolution






Call for a Consultation...

Please contact PHA and schedule a free initial consultation with an EAP coordinator to begin to explore your company's unique needs and to identify the best way that our EAP can help you to insure your profitability. Please ask for Dr. Magin (860)233-9772, ext. 19.


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